Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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After returning back to Dubrovnik, and spending the night, we spent most of the day (October 22nd) relaxing and doing just a bit of walking around. The next day we flew to Barcelona, Spain where we were to catch a transatlantic cruise to home. Here's a few shots from our last day in Dubrovnik - and Croatia.

Lynda having a glass of wine
And a little later on, dinner.
I had dinner too!
And a beutiful evening sunlight to say good bye to Dubrovnik

And then onward to Barcelona!

We flew to Barcelona on October 23. We had a three night reservation in Barcelona B&B located in the Catalunya section, not far from the La Rambla. The B&B section we stayed in was named Chimney Room.

Our Chimney Room
The common kitchen/dining room
Common (dining) area for all guests
Art om our hallway wall
View from our apartment
Entrance to our apartment
A church
An interesting building
St Joseph La Boqueria market
Plenty of fresh fruits there
Youngsters like to feed pigeons
Street scene near La Rambla
The ?? square
A church
Street band, looking for donations
Gaudi museum/exhibition

Antoni Gaudi, 1852-1926, was an architect in honor of whom this museum was created. You can read more about him and the museum here.

... Some ...
... Gaudi ...
... exhibitions ...
Posing for a picture
Lynda enjoying herself
And I'm having fun too

Now we went inside the museum, primarily to see where Gaudi lived and worked

Well, one more on top...
Inside, a model of the building
The maids' working room
Gaudi's work desk
Tourists in his guest room
His bed???

This ends our tour of Europe, except for a few ports we stop in on the way home.