Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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We left Rovinj in the morning of October 1st, driving to Motovun, a town in the center of Istria, the goal of our visit. In Motovun we had reserved the Bella Vista apartment for four nights.

On the road again (like Willie Nelson)
Our living room
View from somewhere along the way

After settling down into our apartment, we decided to drive around a bit. Going by our camera clocks, which, BTW, I kept quite accurate the entire trip, we left around 2:00PM, so we didn't want to go too far.

Like on the left, many older towns had entrances through tunnels. Obviously they were to control visitors and to keep out possible robbers.

Looking down the hillside
Not sure whether this is an entrance or an exit.
A view of the valley below
Cloudy - That 'river' is actually a valley filled with clouds and fog (Click to see the larger - and clearer - version)
A better photo of the cloud/fog filled valley, taken a couple of hours later.
Later on the day we started losing the fog.
Entrance. The display at the end is in the next photo.
I don't remember what was significant of thiw 'statue'.
Inside of one of the many churches
And here are the organ pipes
Now, that's what I call a statue
A church
Me, walking like a person with PD
And, we found a back street with people
Steps to a private home
One walkway
Another walkway
An alley leading to ??
Just a nice scene by the road
Speaking of the road...
Another castle or ??
This is where we are going now
A nice looking tree
Lynda by the tree
Inside or out?
One last shot as we leave this town