Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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We now continue our touring of the Istria. October 2nd, 12:47PM.

Here's a restaurant we might stop in for lunch
Here I am
A nice looking color for the house
Just a building that aroused my interest
A tourist info point/station
Having a glass of wine
Lynda having some also
Just a street we wandered onto
Looking back at what we had just visited
Cloudy scenery
Lynda with some coffee
Another entrance/exit tunnel
Lynda studying art wrork
Lynda having some fun with a fisherman
On a boat docking site
Beach scene
Senior citizens swimming
Swim area
Let's go look inside a church, for a change:-)
Organ pipes
One statue
Another statue
Castle entrance
Tower for ???
An almost deserted back street
Stairs to the house
Can you find me in this picture?
A typical walk way
Another church
Getting ready to have some lunch again
This place is popular with boat owners
Hmm, sex on the beach?? Sounds good!
Idunno, the port authority?
Entrance to a building
Don't ask me, I didn't take this photo.
A statue
Just some buildings
Our apartment door
An entrance to ?
Another entrance to ??
A sign - the omen
It's a view
Our apartment
Our bedroom
And then it was time for us to leave again. On October 5th we drove over to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO heritage site.
Driving through tunnels was a regular thing all over Croatia