Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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On the morning of October 5th we drove over to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO heritage site. We arrived at House Tina about 2PM. Below are a few photos of our B&B.

House Tina
Front view
Our bedroom
Our balcony
A sign at the entrance to the park
One of the first sights we saw were the numerous waterfalls throughout the park.
Lynda on a park trail.
At first we hiked down a well maintained trail to the Plitvice Lakes area
Down at the lake area we saw a couple posing for wedding photos.
We had some close contact with a few of the waterfalls.

After checking out the lower lakes area, we started a hike up to the next level of waters. The trail was very easy, covered with wood in most of the areas.

The super clean and clear water made seeing the fish a piece of cake.
Reflections in the lakes
The trail
We saw many small waterfalls on the way
I took advantage of the platform and climbed on it with a waterfall in the background
A creek next to the trail
Another creek, this one a bit wilder, we had to cross over on a bridge.
Some of the water falls (or flows) looked good to shoot a photo of.
Waterfalls weren't the only pretty things along the trail.
Lots of great waterfalls.
And the trail got a little rougher as we neared the upper lakes.
I rested on a bridge while Lynda climbed higher to take this photo.
She's a happy-go-lucky girl - my favorite!

Now, that's not many photos we took of Plitvice National Park. Well, May I suggest a visit there some day to see the whole thing.

OK. Lets quit harping our Plitvice visit, and go take a trip to Grad Sunj, a town just recently discovered by tourists.

First, we had a good breakfast
The dining room at Tina's was huge
... and soon we were at our first destination
What a beautiful house!
Start of the historic section
Lots of water flowing through Slunj
And old house, but still lived in
More water flowing
An outdoor cafe by a stream
Another outdoor cafe?
A home- yes, family lives in it - by calmer waters
Residential houses by calm waters
Some residents, of course, also catered to tourists.
People live here, but not as peacefully as before the tourists came.
Ruins of older buildings pop up here and there.
An old mill - maybe?
More waterfalls
On the Rastoke side, we stopped for some wine
Don't forget to insert a picture
Me on a bridge, leaving Slunj to visit Rastoke
Look at what we saw on the way to Rastoke - an old Ford Cobra!!!
No, I'm not taking a leak!
Amazing how photos can sometimes mislead one at his/her first glance.
An old building built on an island - and just as large as the island itself.
Visiting some ruins in Rastoke.
And then it was my turn (yes, this photo was taken a coupe off hours back in Slunj)

Lynda surfing the web (reading e-mails) and drinking wine.

After finishing up in Lunj/Rastoke areas, we returned to our B&B, grabbed the laptop computer, and headed for the local restaurant with Wi-Fi to eat our evening meal. We truly enjoyed the dinner, especially since we were able to stuff our mouths full of food and surf the interneet at the same time. (You know I'm just pulling some legs here. It's so wasteful to leave a bunch of open space on a web page, but I don't have a good photo to insert here that fits both the topic and the format of the blank area. Hence, all this blabbering -- just to take up space.)

Aaarghh!! all this typing and I'm only half way covering up the allowed space. Bummer!! I'm leaving the rest!!

Warning: Be aware that as I examine my work at a later date, I may insert another photo on the left edge, thereby reducing the "wasted" space.

And next we are going to Trogir.