Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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On October 8th we signed out of Tina's place and aimed our noses toward Trogir.

We drove through some very beautiful countryside on our way to Trogir.
Just routine road photo
On most parts of the Croatian highway system we were able to drive at 130km/h (just under 81m.p.h)
And we arrived there around 1PM

We had reservations in the Villa Moretti Hotel, a very reasonably priced accommodation, breakfast included.

Our bedroom
Our room
Our room entrance
We had a good view of the bay, and the castle across the water
A closer view of the castle
Lynda marching towards the castle to get a even closer view of it
I have no clue as to why these motor bikes are parked here
In the city center - see the dark blue sky?
The main church of Trogir
The main city square
Another Trogir church
Closeup of the church tower
More Trogir main square
A nice yacht
Having a glass of wine
Palm trees thrive in Trogir
There are narrow alleys here also
Talk about narrow alleys
And then came the sunset

The next day. October 9th, we took a look at Paklenica, a rock climbing area I had heard of before. It turned out to be a place where I will want to revisit there someday and climb.

Having some breakfast before departing
On the road again....
And in no time at all, we were there.
We immediately saw a tiny spot of non-natural color on the wall, and knew it had to be a climber.
Zoom in a bit and the climber becomes visible
And it wasn't long until we spotted another climber
This is the beginners' area
Instructors teaching the newbies