Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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All right. Let's get on the road and see the city of Split

We ran into this market somewhere on the way to Split
In the suburbs of Split
Entrance into Split proper
Some flower decorations
Just city scenery
Had to split this church into two photos to see it all
Does it make sense? Not IMHO! But thought we'd give it a try anyway
Another church
We saw many ruins, some from the recent wars.
More ruins
A church behind some ruins
Lynda wandering through back streets
Backstreet, maybe - but busy with traffic
Lots of laundry drying
and some more ruins - around a restaurant!
Plenty of outdoor restaurants
These on the central square
A street scene - a wider view of the central square
Another street scene in the central square area
The last church in Split that I'll show you, I promise!
Me, drinking a beer
And here is Lynda with her wine
Lynda wanders through the narrowest streets/alleys she can find

A place where you can buy shoes for your car. What a great idea! These Croatians are smart business people!

Well, we've seen most of Split -- I mean of the places and attractions (what attractions?) we saw while in the city. So, I guess it's time to move on.

But what about that road sign on the right? I would interpret it as No Cars Allowed, but we're driving on a regular road. What are we supposed to do? Slam on the brakes and park right there? But, there's no parking space nearby to be seen! So, we just ignored the sign and drove on - just like our local fellow motorists.

Our next planned stop was Sibenik. Sibenik is a historic town located on the shores of the Adriatic where the river Krka flows into the sea.

On the road towards Sibenik
What?? Wild boars roaming around here???
What a nice view of Sibenik
You got to look at the large photo of this
Lynda climbing up some stairs
It's laundry day!
Another curch
..and another, but this one a bit different.
A residential area
A church
An entry/exit
And one more church
Faces carved into walls
A window?
A bridge around which we explored
Me climbing up some steps
Odd flowers
A bell tower
Should I call this a chamber?
Residential area
Lynda walking
A backstreet restaurant
A back street/alley
Scenic view of a town on the Adriatic
Stone fence, similar to those in Gozo
Lynda examining her dinner
What the heck, just taste it!
Scenic overview of ???
Lynda photographing flowers.
A seascape