Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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After breakfast on October 12th, we packed our car and drove into Dubrovnik.

We drove through several tunnels
Uh, Oh! Doesn't look good weatherwise
Crossing a modern suspension bridge

The accommodations we had arranged were for an apartment in the castle area that required us to walk the stairs (with or without luggage) for 70+ steps. And that was rain or shine.

Our kitchen
... and the rest
Our stairwell
Looking down the stairwell
Lynda chatting with the apartment owner
Lynda hanging clothes to dry
The crowded main street of the castle area
Like I said, crowded
The castle, as seen from a boat
Waves hitting the rocks
Old castle ruins
Me hiking down the trail
We had to undress to go see the nude beach
Boo! She didn't do it.
Old castle?
Aha! A nudist swimmer/boater!
Here's one ust getting out of the water.
I've been waiting for a good lace for this photo, but it hasn't appeared so here it goes!
Lynda waiting for wine
Still waiting...
On the stairs
..and on them again
Inside a church
Inside a church
More church insides
Inside somewhere
Main street at night
Bell tower at night

A couple of years ago we visited Dubrovnik on a cruise, and our main attraction was the fortress. Because of one reason or another, we did not do the complete walk around the fortress on the top section of the walls, even though the round trip is only a little over two kilometers (1.25 miles) long. We decided to do the walk today, October 14, 2012.

Just outside the gate
Another spot where the wall was low
Rooftops visible from the fortress
Some ruins still remain
Ocean waves hitting the rocks
Part of the wall borders the Adriatic
View of the other fortress
The other castle across the bay
Another view of the castle
Lynda on the around the fortress walk
Sunbathers and swimmers on a sunny day
Another picture of the walk trail
A church visible
Me getting the cannon ready for battle
Seeing more of the surrounding city
Another church
Another view
Double parkers cause traffic jams
As cn be seen, we're no longer on the fortress wall
Another view of the other castle
Stairs used by residents