Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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Passport check at the border

We had wanted to visit many of the former Yugoslavia countries but the time constraints limited our choices. One of the choices ended up being a visit to the city of Mostar, the center of some war battles in the 1990's.

Since Mostar was in a different country, which was not a member of the European Union, we could not take our rental vehicle. Instead, we turned in the rental car and bought a bus ticket to Mostar.

We arrived in Mostar a few minutes before noon on Tuesday, October 16th and departed on Thursday, the 18th.

A view from the bus window
We got a glimpse of another Bosnian town (photo taken through bus window)
No, not our bus - just wanted to show that Bosnia/Hertzegovina has not quite recovered economically.
Carvings on a building
(Last photo taken through bus window)
Our bedroom
Lynda photographing our room
And our shower
The market street on West side of the river.
An Islamic church/mosque

Mostar is really two cities, with the Islamists living primarily on the west side of the river, and Christians in the east side. Populations are slowly getting mixed, religious and nationalities on both sides.

This is the famous Old Bridge
Me going over to the West side
The river looking South from the bridge
Islamic church
Another islamic church
And another
View northwest from the Old Bridge
Some buildings were so severly damaged that they have not been repaired - probably because it would cost more than replacing it.
Some more of the West side market street.
An Islamic tower
A church
An apartment house
A sign for the church and tower above
Known as The Crooked Bridge
View from the Crooked Bridge
Me on the Crooked Bridge

Tell a story about the Crooked Bridge

A tower
Crooked Bridge
Crooked Bridge
Islamic Mosque?
Lynda pointing at the story of Crooked Bridge
The river
Another mosque - no, wait - isn't this the same one as above?
The other side of the Old Bridge
Lynda on the Old Bridge
Me on the Old Bridge
A cat
We decided to pay the (small) entry fee to go see the inside of a Mosque. We were allowed to wear our shoes part of the way, including the path to the tower entrance. While I climbed the tower, Lynda took photos of the interior. I was disappointed that she avoided the parts where one could not wear shoes. On the positive side, however, she got some excellent photos of the Mosque inside.
The mosque we visited. (See the people near the top.)
Me climbing to the top of the tower - well, almost to the top.
Photo inside
All the photos in the row above and the row below were taken inside the mosque. No captions are provided as we do not know what to say except that the mosque was beautiful.
And the ones below were taken from the mosque tower where I climbed while Lynda was busy downstairs.

And now, just pictures from here and there to show what we found interesting in Mostar

Source of drinking water
Me on one of the bridges
Me again, this time with the Old Bridge in the background
A store selling traditional clothing
We found a cemetery with many headstones of combatants who died in the 1993 wars
Twenty years of life
Killed at the age of 35
And many, many more
Bullet holes remind us of the extreme violence of wars.
Same here
You may need to look at the larger version of this photo to see the bullet holes.
Mosque we haven't seen before?
A roof???
A different view of the Old Bridge
Mee having wine again
A view from the Old Bridge
I think this is a combination of a tourist info place and a souvenir shop.
Muslim girls crossing the Old Bridge to the east side

One of the things that struck me was the way both Christians and Islamists got along in spite of the cruel wars that were fought against each other only about 20 years ago.