Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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On September 11th, we pulled into Belgrade, the capital of former Yugoslavia, which no longer exists.

We began our visit with a cruise-ship furnished tour guide who took us to the old castle area and told us about the history, both ancient and recent.

Our tour guide was very thorough as she made many stops to explain what we were looking at and gave us lessons on history of Belgrade.

Belgrade became a city back in the 6th millennium BC and has since then changed ownership numerous times. The Celts conquered the city in 279 BC and the Romans took it over in the mid 2nd Century. In the 6th century the Slavs settled into the city and since then, it has been ruled by different empires half a dozen times.

More recently, Belgrade was the capital of Yugoslavia from 1918 to 2006 when yugoslavia was dissolved and once again became the capital of Serbia.

The main entrance to the fortress
Just another building - purpose unknown
Another entrance to the fortress
View of Sava river from the fortress.
Getting some more stories
A guard station.
No, the camera is straight! The statue tower is leaning, like the one in Pisa
Our guide explaining the statue
Gee, I worked on Photoshop to bring out those suspension cables. Try looking at the larger photo by clicking on the small one just above.

The area at this part of the fortress had several cliffs without guard railings, so this sign was a real warning, unlike some others we've seen that were only to scare the visitors.

On the right is an old horse-drawn buggy.

Below are a couple of photos of the guns and armored vehicles. Not sure when the weapons were last used -- the cannons appear old but the vehicles seem to be of recent manufacture. The vehicles are visible in the left photo, but you need to click on it for a larger version to see them.

A downtown main shopping street
More downtown street views
And we even found a spot for beer!

While wandering around on the downtown streets, we encountered some sort of movie filming. They had a strange looking remote controlled camera (UFO?) .... Well, take a look

Spectators gathered to watch
Getting it ready
.. and there she goes, about 200ft above us
One of the main cathedrals
(No way I could fix this without losing much of the subject)
The interior
Another interior shot
Another interior shot
Another view of the Church
Lynda doing one of her favorite things.
Another curch

On the left, we catch Lynda huffing it up the stairs to another attraction - a church/cathedral to the best of my recollection (and the position/date-time stamp of the image).

Now, on the right is an image worth the extra effort to get the shot!

And now, it's time to say good bye to Belgrade and do a little relaxing ad sailing, for tomorrow we will not stop anywhere. Well what I mean is we will not stop at any port; but we will make a couple of stops when going through the lifts.

Let's just relax and look at a picture or two from our ship as we sail towards the Iron Gates.

A face carved into the rock
Something else carved into the rock.
Soon the sun will set
Good night!