Our Trip to Europe September thru November 2012

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We began our trip (other than flying there) in Budapest where we were to start a cruise on the Danube River. We arrived there on the fifth of September, the day before the official start of the cruise.

Hotel Papillon
Front entrance to Hotel Papillon
Hotel Papillon
The street
Hotel Papillon
And they had a nice backyard on which to enjoy a glass of beer/wine.

Viking Cruise Lines had arranged for us to stay in Hilton Budapest hotel. When we checked the prices on-line, we decided to spend our extra night in a cheaper place that we had found on the internet - Hotel Papillon. The cost was less than half of what we would have had to pay in the Hilton and, to our surprise -- well, not really, as Lynda had searched Trip Advisor -- it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Of course, since Viking Cruises had booked us in the Hilton, we spent only one night in Hotel Papillon and the other two nights in the Hilton.

Hotel Papillon
The inside was also nice, although not comparable to 5-star Hilton.
Hotel Papillon
They also had a nice swimming pool
Hotel Papillon
We had a nice patio
View from hotel Papillon
And the views from our window..
Another view
..were nothing to complain about

After spending one night in Hotel Papillon, we moved into the Hilton Hotel.

Our room in the Hilton
Having dinner at the Hilton
A toilette
A church
Inside a church
A grocery market
This is what happens when one uses a wide angle lens and pointing the camera upward.
Here's one that isn't quite so bad. I used Photoshop to ...
...straighten the picture, and -- Voila!
Not a real tree
Hilton hotel restaurant
View of Buda from Pest side of river
...or was it Pest from Buda? I forgot.
Way too wide
Much better
Is this too close?
Night view (too tilted to fix with PhotoShop
On this one, PhotoShop did just fine!
Inside photos of some church/cathedral.
Pete feeding his face in Mamma Rosa restaurant.
Now it's Lynda's turn to stuff her face - at Hilton
Tour busses
A church in the center of town.