Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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I had wanted to get a good photo of our cruise vessel (I can't get myself to call it a ship) but it was always behind something that obstructed its full view. Of course, if I could have rented a boat and took a picture of it while it was moving, ... well, anyway. Above is one way to show the entire ship. The photos were taken at different ports so that most of the ship shows in the combinations of the two images.

Although Rousse is our port-of-call, we are taking a tour into Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria's former capital.

Right: Some of the tour bus drivers - and that includes bus drivers throughout Europe - are showing off their fast driving capabilities by following other vehicles too close. Note that I didn't say driving skills. The photo on the right fails to show how close our driver followed the car ahead as he let off just as Lynda raised her camera to take the picture.

Left: One of the first things we saw when we got off the tour bus was this statue of a guy with a gun. I have no information about the statue as the photo was taken from our tour bus.

I don't know (or remember) the significance of this statue or monument, but thought it good to show in this blog.
Crystal clear water reflects the buildings on the hillside.
These are the buildings being reflected
A tour group (ours) wandering along the streets.
Lynda by statue of - boy, he looks familiar!
Just a (boring) city street