Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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We continued to stay in the Govc-Vrsnik agriturismo, using our rental car to travel around the nothern Slovenia

Notice this dangerous overhanging rock over the road. Nothing under the rock to keep pieces of it from fallig off, and nothing on top to keep loose rocks etc from rolling down and hitting the unlucky car owner's vehicle. Worse yet, suppose he/she was driving fast and a baseball or larger sized rock fell onto the windshield...

While we're on traffic, the sign two rows below was a bit of a mystery the first time we saw it. It was located in a spot of a road not wide enough for two cars. Once we saw the same sign when approaching a one-lane bridge, its meaning became obvious. The car going in the red direction had to yield the right-of-way to the car going in the black direction.

What a pretty storage shed (or whatever)
Not all of the farm houses were in perfect condition
Another storage shed
See the explanation above

One day we decided to go for a hike up a small mountain starting at a dry river bed near our agriturismo. We were surprised to find the river being in two parts, the dry one we took, and the other which had water flow all year round.

As the photos show, we had only partial sun, and later when it looked like it might rain, we scrapped the trip for fear of slipping and falling off the muddy or leafy trail, should the rains come.

The dry river bed where we started.
The wet half of the river
Near the start of trail
Looking down the steep mountainside which would surely have turned into mud if it rained.
Note the trail is covered with leaves.
On the way back, Lynda doing a balancing act (Yoga)
Let's try a more reasonable pose
On the way back we took pictures of farms
A bit hard to see, but there's a butterfly on this flower.
Farm houses - looks like ours in the back
Yup, that's our agriturismo
What does it mean when cows are lying down
One of our waitresses
Just a scenery shot
The world's longest ski jump
A church somewhere in Slovenia
Look how they make their electric poles
Another Slovenian church
The interior of one
I believe they are dancers
Now, that's a pretty house
And this one is architechtural(?)
Thats me - and yes, I do play bridge. Why else would I be standing on one?
Interesting item (dunno what else to call it -- a statue?)
Lynda had to take a peek
A quiet, peaceful city street
Another beautiful church in beautiful sunny weather
Hmm. This requires an artist to determine what this statue stands for.
A Llama, here???
Just another scenic view

We also visited Otocec Castle. Otočec Castle, a jewel rising from the mists of the Krka River, is the only water castle in Slovenia and far around. Its earliest foundations were built in the Middle Ages.

One of the castle's many entrances.
Inner portions of the castle.
On the grounds surrounding the castle was a beautiful relaxing park.
This is the front side of the castle
Part of the castle
An inner view of the castle area
And a vertical shot of the park
And we now say 'Bye' to Otocec Castle