Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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I can't remember what we were doing here. We rode a train instead of our rental car.

We took the morning train from ? to ?

The railroad station where we caught the train to ?
Controller person waiting for the train to pull up to the station.
Lynda waiting for the train
And she made it!
And the railroad worker is doing his job!
I made the train also
Lynda reading up on Rick Steves' book on the area
Visnja Gora station, our destination!
Back in Ljubljana - an old worn-out statue
The church in a square in Ljubljana
On the inside of the above church
And the pipe organ.
Some building somewhere
A (central?) square
The last photo of this church
- I promise!
More of central square
A door to a church
A quiet back street
Riding on the funicular
A church in Ljubljana Castle
The square in front of the castle church
Overlook view of Ljubljana from the castle
Clouds over Ljubljana
A cafe/restaurant
Here I am feeding my face...
..and drinking some beer
... while Lynda is having wine
A small, but brave bird looking for food
Looks like it found some
Lynda is glad to have taken the bird photos
Shoes hanging over the street
Same here
It's raining!
A church in the middle of nowhere

On September 27, we spent most of the day visiting a large cave.

Can you tell it was a rainy day - at least while driving there?
And the name of the cave is???
Inside not much different from the many caves we have visited here in the US. Nevertheless, it was an interesting site.
Actually, the cave differed in some parts from the others, as can be seen above.
Here I am walking out from the rear side.
large waterfalls - see the people on top left to get the feel of the size of these falls.
Lynda putting on a sexy pose
Driveway leading to Turisticka Kmetija Seruga, our B&B
And here it is - Our accommodation. Our room was off the balcony shown.
Our bedroom.
Our room.
A common guest area
More guest area
Lynda pouring her wine.
(Notice it isn't raining any more)
And to celebrate the good weather, I'm having a beer!

Notice Lynda's odd looking wine bottle? It was originally a water bottle, but after we had used up all the water from it, the owners of our B&B filled it for us with home-made wine.

Our B&B owners also grew livestock
And here is some corn hanging
An old wood-fired stove/oven in our breakfast area
Approaching Slovenia/Croatia border

We are now officially leaving Slovenia and continuing our trip to Istria, Croatia.