Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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This was not our first trip to Venice, not by a long shot. My guess is that we've been there at least four times, and every time we take a bunch of photos there - some are even good (for amateur photographers, that is).

Later on down the page I show high water levels in the city. It is worthwhile to note that a couple of months after our visit, the city was flooded causing much damage. See the report in a Washington Post article.

We had taken a flight from Bucharest, Hungary, arriving in Venice on September 17th. Our reservation was for an annex in Hotel Bernardi, the same hotel we had stayed in every previous visit.

Our room in Hotel Bernardi

As usual, we took walks to places we have not previously visited - mainly residential back streets and canals.

A beautiful canal picture
Another canal, but wider
Late afteroon photos are so nice
.. or earlier ones are nice too
Me coming out of our hotel room
A view from the Rialto Bridge
Another good one
A main street canal
Another backstreet
Spying on other people having dinner
A Disney store??? Will wonders ever cease?
Lynda showing us a map
People (tourists) starting a condola ride
Aha! Canal in the morning light
And now we are in the Saint Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco)
Some early bird musicians entertained us
St Mark's Basilica (top half only)
Lynda is feeding the pigeons
Other Piazza San Marcos attractions
A cathedral clock tower
Wanna buy a mask for your face?
The space gets a little tight at times
Fancy - for weddings?
A wide, but not main, canal
How many peaceful side - but wide - canals have we shown you?
One way to let a tree branch grow
Another colorful canal scene
Unusual for a Venice building
A narrow street for walkers
Lynda opening our window
... and then just relaxing
Now, let's move on towards the crowded Rialto Bridge
But the crowds were no less off the Rialto Bridge
The Bridge of Sighs
(See note below)
What a pretty window!

Note that the Bridge of Sighs was named for the last view convicts saw of Venice as they were transferred from the court room to the prison.

Now, let's get back down to the Piazza San Marco, where it was experiencing a higher than normal high tide. As can be seen, special movable platforms have been placed in strategic locations so that tourists, as well as locals, can walk the Piazza without getting their footwear wet.

An overview of the situation
The platforms
People using the platforms
And now crowds are keeping their feet dry
And just a bit of proof that Piazza San Marcos wasn't the only place with higher than normal water.
A narrow alley with EU flag
Another not-so-busy canal scene
And now, just some miscellaneous shots from here and there (but all in Venice
Talk about streets being crowded!
Wow, this shopkeeper has it in for us tourists!
I dunno, it seemed like an attractive scene both when we took it and when I was choosing photos to include in this blog
Must be a laundry day
Venetians must love to do laundry
Whoa! That's enough laundry for one day
What happened here? Where's the groom?
Another back street canal
Lynda truly enjoying a merengue
Eating lunch, I think
Oh no! Not another laundry photo!
A tunnel. I forgot where.
A carving at the Jewish Section.
And now we say good bye to beautiful, but crowded, Venice and aim our bodies toward Slovenia.