Our Trip to Europe September-October 2012

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Our next stop, on September 13th, was Vidin, Bulgaria. However, as soon as we unloaded from our cruise ship, we piled up into tour busses and were taken to Belogradchik, also in Bulgaria, to see the scenic fortress in that town.

This is in Vidin where we mounted the tour busses for the ride to Belogradchik fortress
After unloading the tour transportation, we were taken to the rock formations which were a big part of the fortress.
While some groups were taken to higher levels
...other groups had already scrambled up (under the supervision of a guide, of course).
There were many towering shapes of rocks
Reminds me a little of Seneca Rocks
I don't know where Lynda took this picture but it was here ass evidenced by the date/time stamp on her JPEG image.
Do these two seem to be kissing?
Some sections had stairs
Is it my imagination or do we have two more lovers here?
Pete taking photos from the top of the cliff

Then came the time to go back to Vidin

A church photographed through the tour bus window
I don't know what to write here. It's near the center of Vidin.
A veggie market downtown
The thinking man
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria's former capital, is our next attraction.