Utah Trip
June to August 2006
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On the fourth day, we woke up in a motel in Limon, Colorado:
Nik and Donovan were the first of the kids to get up. Jessie and Kaitlin opted to snooze in a bit longer...
  Our next stop was a campground in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado - The Crags near Divide, Colorado.  We had camped there previously when Lynda and I had taken another cross-country trip out West.  As can be seen below left, The Crags had seen recent bear activity; however, the campground host assured us that the troublemaking bear had been captured and removed from the area.  Nevertheless, we took all the precautions recommended on the sign.
Kids playing cards Donovan riding down a stairway.

After leaving The Crags, we drove down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado.

The entrance. Lunch break in the campground.
In the campground, kids climbed the large tree.
After setting up our camp for the night, we took a hike into the dunes.
The dunes were like a giant beach -- without the ocean.  Also, the dunes had slopes on them that the kids used for sliding down and general fun.
(Photo slightly out of sequence)  The short hike to the dunes took only about 5 minutes. Donovan and Kaitlin rolled down the slope... and buried themselves in the sand.
More playing in the sand.
Donovan got buried up up his neck.
Donovan tried hand-standing, Kaitlin also.
Back at our camp we found a beetle, then had dinner.

Mesa Verde is next.


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