Utah Trip
June to August 2006
Page 3 - Mesa Verde National Park

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On the first of July, a Saturday, we visited the Mesa Verde National Park, located in southern Colorado near the town of Cortez.  Mesa Verde has ruins of Indian cliff dwellings that are truly awesome, as can be seen from the accompanying photographs.  We took two guided tours of the ruins, first to the Cliff Dwellings, then to the Balcony House,  Both of these tours are highly recommended, although the Balcony House tour can be physically demanding for those not in good physical condition.  Some of the tour participants -- not us -- were seen breathing hard after climbing the stairs at the end of the tour.

Upon arrival at Mesa Verde, our first task was to do a week's worth of laundry, followed by taking showers (no photos of either event).  By the time we finished the choirs, it was time to hit the sack -- err, the sleeping bags.

In the morning we had a deer visit our camp, right next to our tents. While breakfast was being readied, Nik exercised on his bike. Donovan eating breakfast oatmeal.
On the way to the Cliff Palace, we stopped at an overlook to get a sneak preview of the dwellings. There was an excellent overlook where the tour was to begin.
Our tour guide Start of the tour. Deeper into the tour.
The way out of Cliff Palace was using a step ladder. Next we toured the Balcony House.

The Balcony House was billed as one requiring a bit more physical ability.  It will be shown on the next page.





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