Utah Trip
June to August 2006
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Our plan had been to visit Seldona and Prescott, both in Arizona, for the next three days.  There were some problems, however.  The forest fires which had razed for a couple of weeks just before our departure from home had destroyed much of the area around Sedona, and the Forest Service had closed the area for clean-up and repairs.  We passed by Sedona and drove to Prescott.  In Prescott the fires had also closed campgrounds so we ended up spending the first night in a motel.

The following morning we called the Forest Service and they announced that they had lifted the no-camping restriction on several camping sites and we set up camp in the Lower Wolf Creek campground, one in which Lynda had camped previously during her ten years in Phoenix.  Above, Lynda reminisces in the days gone by.

Our camp in Lower Wolf Creek Next to our camp the kids found a series of openings in the rock cliff and a pile of logs.  Not sure whose idea it was but soon they were engaged in a feverish construction project to build a fort by covering up all but one of the openings -- the door -- with logs.
The construction effort continued most of the afternoon.  The next morning the work continued in spite of the rain or drizzle that was falling.
In spite of the rain, our activities continued uninterrupted -- more or less.  While the kids were building their fort, Lynda prepared breakfast.
After a Wal-Mart shopping trip, the weather improved and we visited Goldwater Lake for lunch and some playground stuff.  Donovan decided to lie down and let the girls swing with their feet only inches from his body.  What will they think of next?  I see -- try out the baby swings (below).





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