Utah Trip
June to August 2006
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Our next major spot to visit was the Grand Canyon.  We opted to avoid the crowds and visit the North Rim instead of the touristy South Rim, to which Lynda and I had been previously.
We packed the van and drove North on US-89, then turned left onto the scenic US-89A where we passed the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River.
We happened to arrive at the Navajo Bridge a minute or two before a park ranger was scheduled to give a talk on the history of the bridge.  At first, we listened keenly about the way people had previously crossed the gorge, via a ferry miles up the river, and how the construction teams had to use the ferry to also to get from one side to the other.
But then, the kids sat down.. .. losing interest ... ... and getting bored.
After leaving the Navajo Bridge, we drove up to Jacob Lake where state highway branched off to take us to the North Rim of the Grant Canyon.  We stopped in the visitor center parking lot to have lunch.
Lynda prepared sandwiches - mostly PBJ. Donovan got his.. Dylan multi-tasked eating his sandwich and playing with his gameboy.
Arrival at the North Rim First spot was Point Imperial
Angel's Window On top of Angel's Window. and the view.
Angel's Window Passed a mule deer, and a lizard.
On our way to Cape Royal
Cape Royal View Along the trail.
The kids, and Grandpa Pete climbed on top of a cliff -- there was a thousand foot
drop straight down on the other side.
On the way out of the Grand Canyon we saw the fire damage that occurred about
three weeks prior to our visit.

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