Utah Trip
June to August 2006
Page 11
Bryce Canyon National Park

NOTE:  Click on any photo to view a larger image.

Later on in the evening, an hour or so before sunset, we took a hike down into the Bryce Canyon.  The trail was fairly steep and we closely monitored the distance we had traveled down hill to be sure we would easily make it back up before it got dark.

On the trail taking pix. The result. Me (Pete) iin front of a Hoodoo.
We found some 'caves' along the trail.
Everyone wanted to get into the photos (above and below)
I got frustrated with my camera which, being a digital one, would sometimes take the picture only after a delay of several seconds.
Along the trail. Nik found another 'cave'. He's holding up the top to make sure
it doesn't fall!
Along the trail, near the turn-around spot. Some final shots as we climbed back up.

The next day we visited Moss Cave.


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