Utah Trip
June to August 2006
Page 12

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Moss Cave is located outside the Bryce Canyon National Park.  We had heard great reviews of the place and decided to visit.  Turns out that the cave itself was not very interesting, but we sure had a ball playing in the stream along the trail to the cave.  Also, the scenery was also notable.

On the morning of our last day at Bryce, Nik performed the usual scrubdown, and showed the wipees and how much dirt he got off his feet (far left).  After breakfast, we drove to the Mossy Cave trail head and began the march up along the stream.
Soon we crossed a bridge and paused to take in the scenery.
Nik testing the waters. Others wading upstream.
Wading... Lynda too. Dylan didn't want to get himself wet.
Lynda wading. Donovan above the falls. Jessie and the falls.
Donovan getting braver.. In the meanwhile, i turned by camera
towards the surrounding scenery..
.. and another waterfall.
Dylan opted to not play
and read his book,
while the rest of the gang was having fun playing in the small, but
powerful water fall.
The kids weren't the only ones playing!
Back to the kids playing in the waterfall.
Donovan got brave also.. .. as did Jessie. In the meanwhile Lynda found a water slide.
Nik caught her at the slide's end. Donovan was next. ... sliding ...
.... caught by Lynda ... .. and another run .. Hiking back to the falls.
The gravel hurt bare feet.. .. Nik to the rescue! Jesse and Kaitlin found a new way to
wash hair!


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