Utah Trip
June to August 2006
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Goblin Valley State Park
.. and ..
Arches National Park

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Our next planned stop was Goblin Valley State Park, less than a day's drive from Bryce.  The day, however, started HOT! 

While waiting for breakfast, Donovan invented (?) a new game:
popping the lid off a Pringles can.  It proved to be a challenge for me to
get a photo of the lid flying through the air with my digital camera
and its annoying feature of taking the photo a varying amount of time
after pressing the shutter button.  But I made it!  (See the center photo).
The evening before, one last trip to the Inspiration Point for some sunset photos.
On our way to Goblin, the temperature kept rising, reaching 107F by the time we reached the park.  The park's campground turned out to be without any shade!  Needless to say, we decided to skip Goblin and proceeded to Arches instead.
108 miles to next
exit with services
Lunch on the way and some scenery.
Some photos of Goblin Valley State Park.
We camped in one of our favorite campgrounds that we had discovered on our previous trip: Dead Horse Point State Park.
  Our camp View from our camp Owl
Arches NP - the Delicate Arch. The closest we got to it.  
Some Arches NP views.

Good bye, Arches National Park!


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