Utah Trip
June to August 2006
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NOTE:  Click on any photo to view a larger image.

Our itinerary next led us to a drive through Colorado and the Rocky Mountains National Park.

We entered the park... .. then got stuck behind a cop car.. .. finally reaching the visitor center above the tree line
We had lunch at the visitor center (left), then continued up to the pass where we had seen elk on our last trip.  Lo and behold!  The elk were there again (right).  Lynda and the kids left the car to take photos of the animals (if you click on the photo at right you can see how close to the wildlife they got).
While taking photos of the elk, a hale storm started, with ice the size of golf balls! Some alpine vegetation.
Devil's Tower in northeastern Wyoming was our next scheduled stop.  The tower rises over 1,200 feet above the campground where the photo at right was taken. 

Far right:  The tower is of religious significance to the natives who place ribbons on the trees surrounding the tower.  The public is asked to not disturb the ribbons.

Posing in front of tower. Scrambling on boulders. Posing again. Dylan brought his GameBoy.
More bouldering shots of kids at the base of Devil's Tower.
Later that afternoon Nik went fishing in the Belle Fource river. Our camp at Devil's Tower.
Later that evening Lynda went to photograph wildlife. .. starting with the cutest - prairie dogs.
... and a bunny... ... a young buck..  
More wildlife shots.
More scrambling in the boulder field. Climbers (small dot mid-photo)

Next stop is South Dakota.


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