Utah Trip
June to August 2006
Page 15
The Needles and Mount Rushmore

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Our site in Horsethief Lake campground Doing dishes.
As soon as we had settled in our camp, Nik and Donovan went fishing. Soon Grandpa joined them.. .. followed by Kaitlin ...
... and Jessie. Nik caught several pan fish.  
The next morning we visited Mount Rushmore, only a few miles from our camp.  The kids were awed by the sight of those presidents' faces carved onto the mountain.  Their enthusiasm is reflected on their faces in the photo at far left :-)
After our tour of Mount Rushmore monument, we circled around on the other side of the mountain for some rock climbing. Grandpa took the sharp end of the rope and led the route to set up a top-rope. Kaitlin prepared for her turn at the rock.
Both girls made it to the top easily.
In the meanwhile, Nik and Donovan caught some edible sized trout.
After fishing and climbing, it was time for ... SWIMMING! Well, not everyone swam :-)
The next morning it was back to rock climbing.  Once again on Mt Rushmore, but in a slightly different location.
Back to the camp where the girls spiked
Donovan's hair.
... while Grandpa relaxed working on his "Fiendish" Sudoku puzzle book.

Let's go to Wisconsin!



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