My Trip to New Zealand
Pete Grant
Dec 2007 to February 2008

After arriving in Auckland, I rented a car and drove to Bay of Islands where I had booked a sea kayking excursion. coastal
bay of islands mgb
Information booth in the town of Paihia Hey, I remember driving one of these - in the 1950's Our sea kayaking office.
kayaks gathering birds
Checking out and adjusting the equipment Our guide -- I forget his name :-( We saw some wildlife on the way.
We paddled by my campground (for the first night) We visited the Haruru Falls...
(more on this below)
.. where some paddlers went right under the falls (and got soaking wet, of course)
Most of us kept our distance, though Yours Truly At the end of the day, a foam cup of wine
What more can a guy ask?
The next day, on the way out from Bay of Isles, I revisited Haruru Falls by land
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