My Trip to New Zealand
Pete Grant
Dec 2007 to February 2008


I had not planned on this before my trip, but after seeing the photos in the Nzone shop, I decided to give sky diving a try while in Queenstown. I had in my younger (40-ish) days wanted to try parachute jumping and even signed up for an Army-sponsored parachuting class and jump, but the class was cancelled and they never offered another one. "What the heck", I thought. You only live once.

I opted for the mid-way package, jumping off at 12,000 feet. I also paid extra for having a photographer accompany the jump, but bought only the DVD package without still photos. The "photos" on this page are screen shots of the video; consequently, the quality leaves some to be desired. The video itself appears to be very good with reasonably sharp images.

skydive skydive skydive
Getting ready by donning the jump suit Receiving instruction for the jump Boarding onto the plane
skydive skydive skydive
On the plane, about halfway up A moment before jumping off And we are OFF!!
skydive skydive skydive
We are now free-falling Still falling -- trying to control the descent The ground is far, far away
skydive skydive
We are landing Getting a congratulation from the photog
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