My Trip to New Zealand
Pete Grant
Dec 2007 to February 2008


Today is Thursday, January 17th. I had booked a day cruise of Doubtful Sound and, as I woke up in the morning, thought I had been struck with bad luck again. It was raining! Nevertheless, especially since there are no refunds for last-minute cancellations, I went ahead and drove to the dock in Manapouri and boarded the vessel. Turned out to be a very nice day after the initial morning showers.

The cruise consisted of three separate legs. Part one was to sail across Lake Manapouri, part two consisted of a bus ride to Doubtful Sound, and part three was to cruise the sound itself. The return trip was the reverse except for a slight side excursion... well, read on.

Our first cruise boat - took us across Lake Manapouri
Map showing our route

Oh, what are we doing? Let's look at this as a Slide Show!


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