My Trip to New Zealand
Pete Grant
Dec 2007 to February 2008


All right! We are now in Christchurch, one of the must-see cities on the South Island. The plan was to meet with Simon and go climbing for an afternoon, which we did. I spent the morning exploring downtown Christchurch, concentrating on parts we did not visit during our cruise last year. There were no (reasonably priced) parking spaces downtown, so I left my campervan in the camp site (Holiday Park, as they're called here) and took a local bus to the city center.

The first thing I saw after getting off the bus. Doggies playing Kinky hair? Oh well, it takes all kinds.
I passed through the Bridge of Remembrance They even have a Ronald McDonald house in Christchurch Next stop was the Arts Center Entrance
Hmm, interesting A cafe in the Arts Center The Botanic Garden was next
More Botannical Garden pix - including one of the Punting activity that we did on our previous visit here.
I did go back to where we had been on last year's trip - the city center Hey, look! She's still here singing and playing her saxophone. And we finally went climbing -- Simon leading a traditional route.
The next morning I left Christchurch and drove to Wanaka, enjoying the scenery on the way.
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